Day 31 of ALS Awareness Month: HOPE!  I give you HOPE from 3 top ALS doctors looking at the future of ALS research.


First, from Bob Brown, D. Phil., M.D., sometimes called the “Godfather of ALS research” at U.Mass. Medical School: “In only the last five years, an explosion of discoveries in the molecular biology of ALS have illuminated many targets for treatment; the pipeline with potential new ALS therapies has never been more promising. There are now two [see Merit’s comment below] FDA-approved ALS drugs with a third just around the corner; moreover, at least two very innovative approaches to treating familial
Next, from James D. Berry, MD, MPH, Winthrop Family Scholar in ALS Sciences and Co-Director of the Mass General ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic: “I might only offer a companion sentence: The most powerful tools we are now using to understand, and target, genetic, molecular and cellular changes in people with ALS simply did not exist five years ago. With these tools, the accelerating rate of discovery in ALS will continue, bringing newer, more effective, and safer treatments to people with ALS.”
Last, fromMerit Cudkowicz, MD, Chief of MGH Neurology and past co-chair of Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS): “I would add – that there are actually three FDA approved treatments for ALS – riluzole, radicava and nuedexta. In [the] past five years we have witnessed the ALS community come together to conquer this illness, amazing brilliant lab based scientists, partnering with clinicians, clinical researchers, nurses, healthcare providers, people with ALS and their families, government and foundation sponsors to share data, collaborate and creatively discover new treatments.”