Day 22 of ALS Awareness Month: Since 9/11 more US vets have died from ALS than all military combat deaths in Iraq & Afghanistan.

One of the legislative priorities for The ALS Association this year is to increase funding for ALS research at the Department of Defense, from $7.5 million to $10 million. This is why.

Since 9/11/2001: There were 9,500-10,000 American veteran deaths from ALS vs. 6,817 American combat deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED.

$10 million out of the total federal budget is crumbs, or “budget dust,” as Stephen likes to call it. But it makes a huge difference in helping to fund research for ALS! We are especially grateful to Congressman Seth Moulton for listening to The ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter and championing the cause to help our veterans and all people with ALS!

Note: The number of ALS deaths is an estimate based on the rate of diagnosis (every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed). The number of US combat deaths for Iraq (4491) and Afghanistan (2326) the Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee letter to the FDA in September 2016. (See: and The PCAC committee was co-chaired by Stephen.